II.International Meeting

ICOMOS International Scientific Committee of MURAL PAINTING

Esztergom (Hungary), 19th – 22th June 2014


  1. The objective of the meeting is to share with mural painting’s conservators, technical, esthetical and deontological solutions, when damages on mural paintings have been done by human being fortuitously or thinking doing it well. Therefore, we are not interested in criminalized old interventions in conservation but would like to compare solutions offered and evaluate them in order to protect and valorized the mural painting patrimony. In parallel special issue regarding new presentation of mural painting routes and mural painting glossary will be proposed.
  2. The symposium will be held in Esztergom (45 km from Budapest) ancient capital of Hungary, in the Auditorium of the main medieval castle, in the Castle Museum of the Hungarian National Museum.
  3. Registration fee: 60 €,free for MP ISC board’s members (but not including the welcome-dinner) Participants are recommended to be a future member of ICOMOS ISC working group.
  4. All participants are invited to submit no more than one page abstract (3000 characters maximum) of their contribution before 15th April, 2014, The abstract sholud contain the Title, Author(s) name and other relevant information (Institution, email address, phone) divided in three paragraphs (introduction with justification of the subject, main central text presenting the problem and different solutions with strong and weak points expressed, and conclusion. The presentation has to be participant’s own creation and previously not presented to any other meeting or submitted for publication. The abstract should be submitted icomos.muralpainting.org@gmail.comOnly accepted abstracts by ISC board the 1st May, 2014 will be scheduled for presentation.

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