Gothic Route – “future for the medieval churches of Gemer, The region with its heritages and specificities, its current situation and the activities of the GR for its preservation and restoration.”

in Central Europe, Meeting in 14-16 October 2022 (updated 2020-21’s program)

the exact date will conform to Covid-19 rules. (amended twice)

Locals with medieval churches: GÖMÖR-SZEPESSÉG

Százd,  Bény,  Zselíz, Pelsőc, Csetnek, Octina, Rozsnyó, Rákos, Kövi, Kiéte, Karaszkó, Hizsnyó, Gecefalva, Rákos, Rimabánya, Rimabrézó, Süvete

organizers: Hungarian Mural Painting Committee, Slovak Chamber of Restorers, Hungarian National Committee of ICOMOS, Castle Museum of Hungarian National Museum, STUDIOLO Arte & Restauro, Hungarian Cultural Foundation


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