in Central Europe, Meeting in October 2021 (updated 2020’s program)

the exact date will conform to Covid-19 rules. (amended twice)

Locals with medieval churches: GÖMÖR-SZEPESSÉG

Százd,  Bény,  Zselíz, Pelsőc, Somorja, Nyitra, Nyitrakoros, Kövi, Ólubló, Krasznahorkaváralja, Karaszkó, Kiette, Csetnek, Hizsnyóvíz, Gecefalva, Ochtina, Rákos, Rimabánya, Rimabrézó, Restér, Újvásár, Süvete

organizers: Slovak Chamber of Restorers, Hungarian National Committee, Castle Museum of HNM, European Working Group, Hungarian MP Committee

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