Gothic Route – “future for the medieval churches of Gemer, The region with its heritages and specificities, its current situation and the activities of the GR for its preservation and restoration.”

in Central Europe, Meeting in 14-16 October 2022 (updated 2020-21’s program)

the exact date will conform to Covid-19 rules. (amended twice)

Locals with medieval churches: GÖMÖR-SZEPESSÉG

Százd,  Bény,  Zselíz, Pelsőc, Csetnek, Octina, Rozsnyó, Rákos, Kövi, Kiéte, Karaszkó, Hizsnyó, Gecefalva, Rákos, Rimabánya, Rimabrézó, Süvete

organizers: Hungarian Mural Painting Committee, Slovak Chamber of Restorers, Hungarian National Committee of ICOMOS, Castle Museum of Hungarian National Museum, STUDIOLO Arte & Restauro, Hungarian Cultural Foundation


“Coup d’état”

Presently the Mural Painting Committee is subject to a “ coup d’état ” attempt involving people from inside and outside ICOMOS. Considering the people involved in this attempt they will surely be successful. This putsch has been drawn during the elections for the new Board, and we are not clear about its purposes.  

In view of the situation, and aware of our powerlessness in front of the people involved, the board of the Mural Painting Committee in its majority decision, according by law, to dissolve as per today the Mural Painting Committee.

Thanks to all the members for their participation during the failed elections and we hope to find ourselves in a more transparent environment.

Board election 2020 🥁

Mural Painting Committee elections will be very soon, and therefore we are updating the voting member list. 

It will be particularly important to have a broad participation, so we ask all our expert members to help, to send us the name of the designated voter of their National Committee, before May 15.

We ask all interested NC presidents to send the name of the delegate and a confirmation letter to

Thank you very much for your prompt and kind collaboration.


Dear President, 08/06/2020

No, we are not so well after reading your very strange news.

We  did not understand well your letter, your request TO STOP OUR VOTATION ?
We  informe you The election process is finished on 7 June, after 1 month of preparation, in 2// phases , and hopefully next week we will have the LEGAL result. Hence  your request has no reason.

Anyway, We did not understand what could be the reason of to stop it ?? The complete process was compliant with the ISCMP/ICOMOS election process. 

However, to stop a legal Election process of a Scientific Committee without any reasoning is ILLEGAL.

We do not understand what could be the reason behind,  personal or business interest?!

We do not understand this direct and continuos intervention from officers of ICOMOS in the election process especially as they did not show any interest in the recent 6-8 years during the operation of our recent committee. The ISCMP has several well accepted improvements over the last 10 years. In fact the ISCMP was revived 10 years ago. We have got together for several meetings, workshops and we issued numerous publications, operated ISCPM website FBpages. All of these have realised from the contribution of our members. ( without any help of the officers)

We consider this recent intervention as a “violence” DURING OUR ELECTION PROCESS”. Our members were under external pressure, abused during their work despite of the fact that in several ways (phone calls, e-mails, telecom meetings) we have explained the legal procedure that we were following without any exception.

Mr. Mikel Landa and Mr. Mario Santana have intervented several times. And they did not stop intervening. They seems to be serving their friends interest even over the standard procedure of our ISCMP regulation and standard operations (our Statutes). They wanted to convince us to change our standard procedure in order to put their friends in the position of elected board member of our committee.

Do you really believe that ICOMOS should support such interest?! Do you really believe that this is what ISCMP and ICOMOS is for?

We want to express our total incomprehension and disappointment. They and their friend threatened our board members. Using strange terms as:
” my presidency is finishing at ICOM, so I would like to be elected in ISCMP of ICOMOS ” L. Wong/USA  (10 years ago was member of the ISCMP,  but was terminated 7 years ago for inactivity…so recently not our member)” if you do not do that we want we will write to the President, and believe me we will reach to stop your Election”  M. Santana / Venezuela Canada, Mikel Landa / Spain

Does it sounds like as our “Family” of ICOMOS from our family members??
We still want to conclude:1. Our ELECTION WAS COMPLIANT TO OUR STATUTES
That could be confirm also ICLAFI, and all our members.2. OUR ELECTION IS FINISHED , SO we need only the results.
The new Board will  deal  with the new applications.
according to our rules ,
as our Statutes requires:

  1. The membership is open to ICOMOS members with specific competences in the area of mural painting conservation and restoration, with relevant professional background and substantial worksite experience (each category with different minimum Criteria).

     2.The Committee will carefully review each application / request for membership and applicant will only be accepted in well-founded cases.

  • –  The applicant has to apply in a “motivation letter” addressed to the ISCMP president, indicating the reason of her/his application, her/his interest in a special field in Conservation Restoration of Mural Painting, on the recommendation of two colleagues of the Committee, or the president of her/his National Committee.
  • –  The application must be supplemented by a CV (Curriculum Vitae), with personal data, education and working details, and a personal photo, and photo of recent ICOMOS card.
  • –  The applicant must be inform her/his National Committee, to send a copy of the application documents for information to the applicant’s NC, and a signed copy by her/his NC’s president to the MPISC Secretariat.
  • –  Nomination and Applications relating to all categories of membership can be submitted at any time, and the Board of the Committee shall have deal with it at least twice a year. (once during the general Annual meeting of the Committee) The Board will evaluate the merits of applicants based on the CV and references provided and they must meet criteria and requirements of membership in Article 4. A/3, B/2. As a result, the Board will provide a final recommendation on acceptance to the committee.
  • –  Every expert members of the Committee have right to vote relating to the applications.
  • –  In a positive case the new applicant has to be Associate for the first term, during that the MPISC verify the individual competence and expertise of the applicant, who has to demonstrate her/his deep interest and participation before to upgraded Expert Member.
  • –  The selected applicant has right to participate of the work and meetings of the Committee, but has no voting rights.

// ICOMOS By -Laws ISC 8. Criteria for participation

1.                      The Committee shall adopt minimum criteria for participation as a means of gauging levels of engagement by Expert and Associated members.    //

We would like to know :  in contrast which ICOMOS rule can the LEGAL  election of a LEGAL committee be annulled ?

ICOMOS By -Laws ISC 6. 8/f : The Bureau of the Committee

      Prepare the Committee’s Draft Guidelines for communication, election and reporting for approval by the Committee;


  STATUTES_ICOMOS_MP.doc : 6. Election. Only Designated Expert Members (one by Country) of the Committee can vote7. Election process.

  1. Nomination process. The nomination of the candidates for election of the Bureau can be thru a Nomination calling Form by position (for candidatures). Every members of the Committee can participate in the process (Expert and Associate members) that gives a possibility to all our members to express their views. Every nominated candidate who has a minimum of two nominations by position will be on the Final Nomination List of the ISCMP. The designated Bureau members will count, calculate the percentage notations and set the list in descending order, compile the Final List by position.
  2. Only Expert members can be part of the Bureau. The election is carried out either through a secret vote during a Committee meeting, or shall be held online by secret email address. Elections could be monitored by ICLAFI.

As our Election Process is closed, According to our rules we need only to count our votes for the final result, according to the intentions and will of our legal members.

In our rules ICLAFI could be monitore our election. Hence if you do not let ICLAFI take part in it any longer (to understand according which ICOMOS roule ? ) we are ready to close in another way

( with an independent legal entity if you prefer instead of ICLAFI ..? also to understand…the reason of why )

or using the normal process of the ISC-s :

count the votes by our LEGAL Board and transmit the information to the Secretariat , and ICLAFI.

Thank you for your understanding.
in the name of ISCMP ( 60 colleagues )

Free Public Lecture Tuesday 18 Feb 2020 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Conservation of Wall Paintings, Murals and Street Art –                  An International Perspective
Free Public Lecture
18 Feb
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Our member, Will Shank and Antonio Rava are highly experienced conservators who work on large scale artworks all over the world. They are visiting Melbourne to consult on the complex conservation issues of the Collingwood Keith Haring Mural. They will speak about the technical, ethical and community issues in the conservation of indoor wall paintings, murals and street art. Examples of artworks they have worked on in the USA, Italy, Spain, other parts of Europe, China and Cambodia will be discussed as well as Will’s work with the Rescue Public Murals initiative.